Jane Pritchett Henderson

Chief Financial Officer

Jane Henderson has served as Chief Financial Officer since January 2023. Prior to joining Apogee, Ms. Henderson served as the Chief Financial Officer and Chief Business Officer of Adagio Therapeutics, Inc. (now Invivyd, Inc.). She has also served as Chief Financial Officer of Turnstone Biologics Corp., Chief Financial Officer and Senior Vice President of Corporate Development of Voyager Therapeutics, Inc., and as the Senior Vice President, Chief Financial and Business Officer of Kolltan Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Prior to Kolltan Pharmaceuticals, Ms. Henderson served in various financial and business development executive roles at biopharmaceutical companies after spending almost 20 years in health care investment banking. During the past five years, Ms. Henderson has served on the board of directors of Cargo Therapeutics, Inc., Akero Therapeutics, Inc., IVERIC Bio, Inc., and Ventus Therapeutics, Inc. Ms. Henderson also serves on the Dedman College Executive Board of Southern Methodist University. Ms. Henderson received a B.S. in psychology from Duke University. She is passionate about music and animal rescue (resulting in a menagerie of dogs and horses in her family).